Out of school club

BSO (Out of School club) Sarabande is in De Breedenborgh and is provided by the day care centre Op Stoom. The BSO is for children aged 4-12 years old.

Cosy bunch!

Op Stoom loves children and makes sure that your child has the best day of their life every day! With a wide range of inspiring activities there is always plenty for every child of every age to discover and do. We offer the children the opportunity to do art & crafts, sports, theatre, music, learn about nature, and much, much more. Let that creativity flow!

You can also sign your child up for different clubs, such as the Robo club, Pony club, Cooking studio, Sports club and the Art and Media club. The pedagogically trained staff are enthusiastic, creative and only too happy to join in and play. How lovely! Alongside the regular and familiar faces, Op Stoom Reizigers (travellers) also visit regularly. Each Reiziger has their own specialism such as theatre, dance, music or exploring nature. The Reiziger stays for a week and your child can decide whether they want to join a ‘groovy jam session’, a ‘game of thunderous dance acrobatics, complete with ribbons’ or studying small animals and creatures in their natural habitats.

And there is more…..

Op Stoom offers a pre-school club and a lunchtime club. Your child is welcome to come to the pre-school club from 7:30am onwards. A member of staff makes sure that your child is taken back to their classroom on time. Handy! The lunchtime club breaks the school day up nicely. The children can eat their lunch together and play with each other until they are taken back to their classroom for the rest of the afternoon. In addition to regular school days, BSO Sarabande is also open during school holidays and on non-scheduled school days. It is also possible to just use the BSO during school holidays.

Schooltime care for younger children/the little ones

Do you have another young child? In De Breedenborgh Op Stoom also has a playschool for younger children, playschool Sarabande. A place where the little ones can make friends for life while learning and playing with each other from the age of 2. The playschool is open from Monday to Friday from 8.15am to 11.30am and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.15am to 2.30pm. This helps your little adventurer to become more familiar with the (school) environment.

For more information and registration:
Have a look at www.opstoom.nl
Email: planning@opstoom.nl
Telephone: 023-2302004