Our vision and mission

At ‘t Venne our aim is to help each child reach their highest potential.

We encourage each child to perform to their best ability across all subjects. However, we place specific emphasis on strong individual performance in the areas of math, language, and spelling.  We also encourage talent in a variety of other ways here at ‘t Venne. For example, we organize workshops and offer various creative ateliers to help children realize latent talent or showcase and develop their gifts in areas that interest them.

Collaboration is our priority.

To support your child, we collaborate tightly as a team to identify your child’s needs and find the right expertise to be able to support him or her. Our strongest asset is in working together to recognize your child’s strengths and weaknesses socially, emotionally, and educationally and finding solutions to meet their needs. 

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with a lot of skill in their area of expertise.  If the school environment does not suit your child’s learning needs, we can work with other educational partners to create a solution that ensures your child receives the education they need.

‘t Venne wants children to eventually be successful contributors and participants in society.

We think it is important that children are intrinsically self-motivated and want to learn. As we collaborate to find solutions, we also expect our students to work well together too.  We encourage children at ‘t Venne to continue to grow and improve their team skills whilst they are here at school.

We sow the seeds for this goal by encouraging children to be accountable for themselves in their learning process and behavior. Entrepreneurship, daring, and solution oriented are words we like children to get used to using and applying to themselves.  We stimulate these sorts of 21st century skills during general classroom lessons and the special ateliers we offer at school.

Our mission is to ensure that when children leave ‘t Venne they have enough tools to be able to make a positive start to achieving their future goals.